Alcohol and health information
Benefits of Makgeolli
Makgeolli, our traditional liquor, is a natural food that is naturally fermented by pure microorganisms. It is both an alcoholic beverage and a healthy food. Makgeolli is a food containing about 10 essential amino acids useful for daily activities without complications due to its low alcohol content. In addition, it has all of the B complexes such as vitamin B, inositol, and choline, so it has a good benefit on skin care.
As it is a liquor that is rich in nutrients and quenches thirst, it has established itself as an essential agricultural drink. In the early Joseon dynasty, Myungsang In-ji Jeong stated that because it has the same appearance as milk, just as babies nourish their lives with milk, Makgeolli is said to be the source of longevity of the elderly. In addition to Myungsang In-ji Jeong, Moonho Geo-jung Seo and Myeongshin Soon-hyo Son also replaced rice with makgeolli in their later years and lived a long life without any sicknesses.
Our traditional liquor, makgeolli, will become a world-class specialty.